Frontex is building an expert group on foresight for the Strategic Risk Analysis

Every two years, Frontex prepares a Strategic Risk Analysis (SRA) for European Integrated Border Management (EIBM) in close cooperation with EU Member States. The SRA is a strategic foresight report that aims at identifying threats, challenges, and opportunities in the area of EIBM over a 10-year horizon. It has an extensive scope, assessing megatrends, their interplay, and their effects on the thematic areas of interest to Frontex (e.g., migration, returns, cross-border crime, hybrid threats, terrorism).

That is why Frontex launches a call for expression of interest from academic institutions, research institutes, think tanks and institutions which can become members of a technical expert group on Strategic Risk Analysis for a period of three years, from 1 September 2024 until 31 August 2027.

The SRAN Expert Group will contribute expertise and advice to the work of the Strategic Risk Analysis Network (SRAN), which comprises members of national authorities as well as Frontex analysts of the Analysis Unit (ANALYSIS) and Fusion Unit (FUSION).

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